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An Amazon published novelist with an international fanbase of 1.8 million; bibliophile; university student; blogger; and lover of all. Welcome.

Unknown Territory is the sequel to Mr. Regnante, which I believe I first wrote in late 2017.

The story follows Arcangelo and Rosalie’s son as he struggles with expanding the Mafia, securing his position as one of the youngest bosses, as well as a marriage.

It became this streamlined after multiple redrafting and re-editing efforts.

Much like all first drafts, I was trying to figure out what I was trying to say. Where do I want this story to go, what are my theme and message? For the longest time, I did not know.

The very first version was that…

From the First cover to the Final cover.

I am forgetful, I won’t deny that. Another one of my vices is also the fact that I procrastinate, especially when it comes to writing. Coming up with excuses like “Oh, that assignment needs to get submitted” or “look exams are just around the corner (meaning a good one and a half month away)”, even something like “I haven't this person in ages! Let's meet up,” is an excuse I have used to get myself out of writing.

I’m sure that every novice writer has spent hours googling one variation or another about “how to start writing” or “how to…

As my previous blog post mentioned, I started writing way back in 2013. It started off as fanfiction — which I ended up deleting — and then went onto original content in the form of my first two stand-alone novels: Birthright and Fallen From Grace (previously known as My Friend, Satan).

It wasn’t until 2015 that I became obsessed with the Mafia boss trope and found myself reading more and more of that genre. Every dark and mafia-related T.V …

Having grown up in a European country and returning back to my hometown with a new language and social conventions, to say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. I was nine-years-old in a foreign place, with no way of communicating with people because my grasp of English was minimal at best, and I could not speak the mother tongue without messing up somewhere.

It took me years to get a grasp of the language and the people and the difference between here and the place I had recognized as home.

By twenty-thirteen, I felt like I was walking in…

Serena Light

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